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Technology Deep Dive: 5G in Logistics and Supply Chain Management (Stefan Wimmer, Managing Partner, BayFu)

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Today's episode of The Logistics Tribe Podcast offers a deep dive into 5G technology and how it will be able to revolutionize logistics and supply chain operations and processes. Our guest today is Stefan Wimmer, Managing Partner at BayFu. BayFu is a German company that offers independent advice and services in the area of ​​industrial 5G radio networks. Together with our host Marco Prüglmeier, Stefan discusses the following topics:

  • The history and evolution of cellular networks and technology

  • A comparison of LTE and 5G. What are the biggest differences and advantages?

  • The value of private campus networks in industrial and logistics settings. Who are the typical buyers of this technology and why?

  • Where can 5G have the biggest impact and drive the most value in logistics and supply chain management?

  • Use cases in intralogistics: AGVs, autonomous mobile robots. How will AMRs evolve in the years to come if they can leverage 5G technology?

  • What are the concrete steps, time frames and costs associated with implementing private 5G networks inside an organization?

  • What the future holds for next generation cellular technology, beyond LTE and 5G

  • and more

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