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The Logistics Tribe

Walmart's Penelope Register-Shaw (VP Last Mile Transportation) on Female Empowerment in Logistics

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Our guest Penelope Register-Shaw is having an impressive career in logistics. She went from being an attorney in private practice to driving innovations in last-mile logistics at FedEx, Amazon and Walmart.

Our host Dana von der Heide is a successful founder in the logistics tech space. In this episode of The Logistics Tribe, these two role models talk about the importance of female empowerment in logistics and much more, including:

  • Penny's path into logistics. From an attorney in private practice to being the chairman of the public transportation authority of Rhode Island, to various roles at FedEx for 20 years, to Amazon's last mile logistics and eventually onto Walmart

  • The role an early mentor played for Penny's career in logistics

  • Penny's start and her experiences at FedEx

  • How Penny got into Amazon and how she helped them reorganize the delivery service partner (provider) network

  • Things to consider when picking a last-mile provider

  • Penny's view on innovative last-mile delivery startups and what to learn from them

  • The importance of viewing your last-mile delivery personnel as your brand ambassadors

  • The importance of building out your personal network

  • How to make the field of logistics more attractive to females and how to keep females in the industry

  • How Penny got into Walmart

  • What Penny perceives to be the different philosophies of implementing innovations at FedEx vs. Amazon. vs. Walmart.

  • The last-mile delivery innovations at Walmart. Micro-fulfillment, micro-last-mile.

  • The criteria for picking a last mile delivery service provider at Walmart

  • The importance of accurate data for last-mile delivery decisions

  • A few tips and tricks for females entering the field of logistics

  • and more

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