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The Logistics Tribe

A Fresh Look at Blockchain Technology for Logistics and Supply Chain (Dr. Daniel Diemers, Partner at SNGLR Group)

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If you believe that blockchain technology is overhyped or not as relevant to the world of logistics and supply chain as many have promised when the technology first appeared on people's radar a few years back, then think again.

Blockchain technology is following an exponential growth curve and has seen some major improvements. It's time for a fresh look at what the technology is up to and how it will change the world of logistics and supply chain management in the years to come.

Our guest today on The Logistics Tribe is Dr. Daniel Diemers. Daniel is a growth & innovation strategist, investor and startup coach, focusing on fintech, blockchain, AI & exponential technologies. He is a former strategy partner with Booz Allen/ PwC Strategy& in Europe & Middle East and has worked with leading institutions, challengers and regulators on digital financial services.

He has been nominated top 100 Digital Shaper in Switzerland, won the Honeywell futurist award Europe and is a co-founder of several innovation-focused associations, e.g., Swiss Fintech Association, Crypto Valley Association and Swiss Blockchain Federation. He is also a member of

Academically, he has an economics degree & Ph.D. from the University of St. Gallen HSG, CEMS Master in international Management and attended the Singularity University EP in 2017. He is a lecturer at several academic institutions, author of books & articles, and frequent speaker and critical commentator of technological trends.

Together with our host of this episode Marco Prüglmeier, Daniel discussed the following topics:

  • How Daniel started his foray into technology by learning how to program a Commodore C64

  • Daniel’s view on the coming of age of crypto currencies and blockchain technology

  • How logistics companies started to experiment with blockchain technology 3 years ago

  • How many proof-of-concepts have not lead to breakthrough projects back then

  • Why and how the situation has changed

  • Why high transaction costs on many blockchains are still a roadblock

  • Traditional use cases for blockchain in logistics: Track-and-trace, trade and supply chain finance.

  • The continued automation of logistics operations and the rise of micropayments

  • The three roles blockchains can play in a logistics and supply chain context

  • The relevance of blockchain for autonomous vehicles

  • What parts of logistics operations can easily be done without blockchain technology

  • The major advantages that blockchains have over conventional databases

  • Why a decentralized ledger is inherently more secure than a traditional database

-Why the slow speed of today’s blockchains can still be an obstacle but why exponential improvements will change the game in the next few years

  • The energy consumption of blockchains is an issue and how it can be mitigated or solved

  • The potential of smart contracts in international transport and logistics. What are the main obstacles to adoption?

  • Why there is still a lot of criticism and scepticism around blockchain technology in the market and why that is an ill-advised approach to deal with an exponential technology

  • and more

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