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The Logistics Tribe

CEO of Kion Group and CEO of DS Automotion on Automation and Standards in Intralogistics and Material Handling

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This episode of The Logistics Tribe was recorded at the IFOY Award Test Days 2021. Our host Marco Prüglmeier talked to Gordon Riske, CEO of Kion Group and Chairman of the Executive Board of the Association for Materials Handling and Intralogistics (VDMA) and to Wolfgang Hillinger, CEO of DS Automotion. Together they discuss the following topics:

Segment with Gordon Riske:

  • The most important technology trends shaping mechanical and electrical engineering in the area of intralogistics

  • How will suppliers of machinery and solutions will benefit from the emerging technologies

  • The role of standardization? Examples like the VDA5050 as enabler for Industry 4.0

  • What's the potential of the VDA5050 to become a globally accepted standard for automation

  • The increasing importance of sustainability at the VDMA and across the industry

  • The importance of showcasing and testing new technologies at the IFOY Test Days

  • How close are we to the warehouse without lights on

  • The future plans for innovations at the Kion Group

Segment with Wolfgang Hillinger:

  • The AGV meshup at the IFOY Test Days: The first test application of different AGVs managed under one fleet manager

  • The benefits of different AGV manufacturers joining forces to develop applications and standards

  • How Wolfgang rates the potential of the VDA5050 to become a globally accepted standard for automation

  • How far away are we from being able to integrate and activate mobile robots via plug-and-play. What are the obstacles?

  • The market dynamics for AMRs and AGVs. The competitive landscape for DS Automotion

  • What makes Austria a hotbed of successful intralogistics companies

  • New technologies for logistics in the future. The role of the cloud, vision systems, 5G, autonomous navigation, sensor technology, AI

  • and more

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