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Getting Ready for Autonomous Delivery Bots on Sidewalks (Bern Grush, Chief Innovation Officer, Harmonize Mobility)

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Bern Grush, Chief Innovation Officer for Harmonize Mobility, Inc., is a Canadian transportation innovator trained in Human Factors Psychology and Systems Design Engineering from the Universities of Toronto and Waterloo (Ontario), respectively. He brings a unique urban-sensitivity to vehicle automation from both a human-social perspective and a complex-systems perspective.

Bern is the principal author of the 2018 textbook “The End of Driving: Transportation Systems and Public Policy Planning for Autonomous Vehicles”. He is the inventor of a management platform for transit-user microsubsidies being piloted in the EU, and the project leader for ISO technical standard 4448: “Sidewalk and kerb operations for automated vehicles” for ground-control operations.

In today's episode of The Logistics Tribe, Bern talks to our host Marco Prüglmeier about the opportunities and challenges related to deploying autonomous mobile delivery robots on our inner city sidewalks.

Links to resources mentioned in this episode:

White Paper "The Last Block: Towards an international standard to regulate and manage sidewalk robots: White Paper "Draft international standard for ground-based automated mobility: Loading and unloading at the curb and sidewalk: Paper "Footway Robots and Business Improvement Areas". Article in Cities Today: "New standards on the way for delivery robots":

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