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What have you changed your mind on recently, Erik Wirsing? (Global Head of Innovation at DB Schenker)

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Erik Wirsing is leading Global Innovations at DB Schenker, one of the largest logistics providers in the world, with over 75.000 people and over 17 billion Euros in annual revenue.

In that role, it's vitally important to keep a close eye on the trends, technologies and innovations that are changing the industry.

And as change is happening faster and faster it's more important than ever to frequently adjust your point of view on the innovations and technologies that really matter

So our host Boris Felgendreher sat down with Erik to find out what Eric has actually changed his mind on recently.

The result is a wide-ranging conversation about the following topics:

  • Managing teams, partners and relationships remotely. Connecting with people emotionally via digital tools. Fresh views on home office and remote work during and after the pandemic

  • Additive manufacturing and 3D printing. Example: 3D-printed face masks. Can logistics providers benefit from a world were items and spare parts can be produced locally as opposed to transported.

  • New business models for logistics providers.

  • Cargo drones and Volocopter, a company DB Schenker invested in

  • The tolerance and appetite for trying new, unproven things that may not work inside a large "conservative" organization

  • Examples of great ideas on paper that failed to work in practice and what lessons were learned

  • Autonomous driving: A topic the Schenker organization changed its mind on in just the last few weeks. Why and how?

  • The prospects of Hyperloop technology

  • The speed of electrification of heavy-load truck transport

  • The sudden rise and popularity of cargo bikes for inner-city transport

  • Space logistics and satellite technology

  • and more

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by Anne Kerrin Wirsing on
I liked the insights and thoughts about our world today and the outlook to tomorrow. It was fun listening to you both!

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