What have you changed your mind on recently, Erik Wirsing? (Global Head of Innovation at DB Schenker)

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Erik Wirsing is leading Global Innovations at DB Schenker, one of the largest logistics providers in the world, with over 75.000 people and over 17 billion Euros in annual revenue.

In that role, it's vitally important to keep a close eye on the trends, technologies and innovations that are changing the industry.

And as change is happening faster and faster it's more important than ever to frequently adjust your point of view on the innovations and technologies that really matter

So our host Boris Felgendreher sat down with Erik to find out what Eric has actually changed his mind on recently.

The result is a wide-ranging conversation about the following topics:

  • Managing teams, partners and relationships remotely. Connecting with people emotionally via digital tools. Fresh views on home office and remote work during and after the pandemic

  • Additive manufacturing and 3D printing. Example: 3D-printed face masks. Can logistics providers benefit from a world were items and spare parts can be produced locally as opposed to transported.

  • New business models for logistics providers.

  • Cargo drones and Volocopter, a company DB Schenker invested in

  • The tolerance and appetite for trying new, unproven things that may not work inside a large "conservative" organization

  • Examples of great ideas on paper that failed to work in practice and what lessons were learned

  • Autonomous driving: A topic the Schenker organization changed its mind on in just the last few weeks. Why and how?

  • The prospects of Hyperloop technology

  • The speed of electrification of heavy-load truck transport

  • The sudden rise and popularity of cargo bikes for inner-city transport

  • Space logistics and satellite technology

  • and more

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Show transcript

00:00:01: Hello and welcome to the logistics tribe I'm boss felgendreher founder of the logistics tribe in today's guest is Eric visiting.

00:00:13: Erik leads Global Innovations at DB Schenker one of the largest Logistics providers in the world.

00:00:18: Now it would be tempting to just sit down with Eric and pick his brain on the various Innovations and Technologies.

00:00:24: That will change the world of the logistics and Supply Chain management in the years to come.

00:00:28: But instead I chose a different frame for conversation I wanted to know what Eric has actually changed his mind on recently,

00:00:37: because it feels like there's so much change happening in the logistics and Supply Chain management everywhere you look then we all have to constantly update our Maps so to speak

00:00:46: and I wanted to know how Eric has updated his map lately here's the result Erik welcome to the logistics tribe thanks for being on the program and many thanks for the invitation for us,

00:00:58: awesome awesome it's been a while since we last talked on a podcast which was when was this

00:01:03: 2020 early 2020 only 2020 finger was in February and it feeds already like

00:01:09: Aegis yeah it does it does and this was actually so now we're talking remotely we have to

00:01:15: do his own call because things are not quite back to normal yet so one of the last Zoom calls hopefully because we're feels like we're on the final stretch but yeah I've done most of the podcasts recordings lately via Zoom but back in the days we were in the same room everything was still normal then but we were just

00:01:31: just just before the first lockdown right so it's like the literally two or three four weeks before the stuff hit the fan so to speak.

00:01:39: Absolutely I think we meant to be met in Leipzig already physically so I really enjoyed it was a future Conference during that time so more than 600 people to get in one place so again that feels like somewhere in the history

00:01:50: yeah let's see how long will it take until we're back to that level who knows who knows

00:01:54: But Eric why don't you quickly introduce yourself to the audience you are the head of innovation or the VP of innovation that DB Schenker DB Schenker one of the largest 3pl in the world.

00:02:04: Most of the audience know that but just give us a,

00:02:06: quick overview of yourself and how you got started you've been with DB Schenker quite a while right if I recall correctly that is true so happy to introduce myself so as you said my name is Erica are requesting I'm the vice president Global Innovation at DB Schenker.

00:02:20: That's is that already long time a drinker so exactly 21 years 9 months and 17 days so

00:02:26: quite a long time oh yeah but you have a clock on your on your desk or something I have a calendar there but that's probably not counting the days that sounds like you're counting the days,

00:02:34: at least not to count down to something else it says yes but so but I was let's say in different positions and different responsibilities and adding different departments and since now the last five years I'm heading the global Innovation department so caring about all,

00:02:46: new technologies all new Rd topics early-stage Technologies and comes to start up activities trends for sites forecast topics,

00:02:56: that's done with me always to find out is there something in France as Logistic Company is at the chances that a possibility is a fret is it an opportunity and maybe it's a new Revenue stream for the future as well.

00:03:06: So everything so I always let say telling the people Innovation for me is that always bringing new knowledge to the organization and in the best way and most easiest and effective way that people learn our colleagues can really deal with these kind of new knowledge and information,

00:03:20: to really.

00:03:21: Show that to our customers shoulder to our colleagues that our colleagues know beyond the fantastic great company but also that the customers the oh there is a company who really wants to be there even by tomorrow.

00:03:31: So that is something what Innovation is all about yeah and as I said most of the members in the audience know DB Schenker give us a but give us an idea of the scale of this organization its massive right how big are you.

00:03:42: I am personally know so my let's say our company so we are let's say found it a 150 years ago so next year we have a big celebration 150 years founded in Vienna in Austria.

00:03:51: About to from Godfrey drinker but now we are in 130 countries more than 75,000 people.

00:03:57: Revenue last year more than 17 billion so that's a big company we are belonging to Deutsche Bahn so to the German Reve organization but we are caring about more than the land transport Air Freight ocean Freight and counterculture stick so these are our business units.

00:04:12: And that on the scope and scale everywhere yeah and just again how you and your team fit into the organization tell us about your team and the way it operates inside that large organization,

00:04:22: we're upon the style is a global head office so part of the global organization so we are reporting directly to our CIO and cereal.

00:04:28: I'm caring about let's say cross-functional for all business units for all countries and trying.

00:04:33: Obviously I'm trying because prefer you can imagine live 75,000 people you have 75,000 brains and the great ideas and great.

00:04:40: But we are trying to bring this kind of visibility transparency from the whole organization to more or less everybody who's interested.

00:04:47: So therefore we are let's say having this kind of let's say cross-functional approach and really integrated in supporting sales HR marketing it.

00:04:57: But also been the business unit lender ocean contract Logistics or more or less for everybody and also to have this kind of cross sharing cross knowledge approach

00:05:05: bring that from one business unit to another business units always open up this kind of CeeLo and box thinking what traditionally in such a huge organization sometimes happen.

00:05:14: So we are always there between the shares and trying to connect the right people with the right approach and bringing one demand to one solution and vice versa and that even more in order to turn to external communities also dealing with a lot of hits a universities,

00:05:27: startup approaches.

00:05:29: But also there's a lot of customers because customers are demanding for the digitalization Innovation new things because they always let's say forcing us to become better every day.

00:05:38: So therefore you need somehow religious kind of spirit and new ideas new way of thinking sometimes it's not always that we are the cleverest people on Earth absolutely not.

00:05:49: We are made Might connect the right people who are the cleverest people on Earth to really combine let's say demand and solution to bring the right people and together,

00:05:57: but I guess you have to be the most curious people in the organization that's what I want most favorite words of curiosity is one of the main biggest driver for us was always let's say

00:06:05: we gossiped even private life it's something that is driving me it's driving our team is trying to whole organization curiosity open-minded diverse thinking that has let's say a boost and the push and really

00:06:16: the engine for Innovation from new things yeah yeah and that's what I kind of want to talk to you about today which is some of the things that you have recently changed your mind on.

00:06:27: Again the the last 15 months 18 months were very extraordinary times,

00:06:32: a lot of things have changed through this the world pretty covid and then there's covid and then it's going to be post covid very distinct phases very distinct time in history really especially for Logistics and supply chain.

00:06:43: I would assume that not only because of that but just in general a lot of things are changing.

00:06:48: And hence you also have to change your mind on stuff you know there may you make projections about the future about technology is that sort of your your daily bread and butter that your daily work I'm curious to find out

00:07:01: some of the things that you just change their mind on in the last year or so,

00:07:06: what changed hits go one after another it's probably tons of things that you've changed I hope you changed her mind on of course it comes with with your with your job of being flexible of adjusting.

00:07:16: Your point of view as new evidence as new stuff emerges as Technologies rise out of nowhere others fall for the by the wayside,

00:07:24: some get overhyped some are never met the expectations you have the gotten hype cycle right you have all of the stuff going on and you're right in the middle of it you have to assess stuff and you have to constantly constantly change your mind hence my question what have you changed your mind on lately.

00:07:38: I think we all learned a lot over the last month so you make some fun about that I'm counting days and then maybe months in the year so now I'm sitting since 67 weeks at home.

00:07:48: That's let's say one topic that I have never expected before so when I think it was the 16th of March last year when we all got the information now we have to work from home by

00:07:56: tomorrow and I'd already told my wife in that time and because we got the information already from our Chinese colleagues that they are already sitting since more than 10 weeks at home I told you my wife

00:08:05: never ever will I'm sitting stand weeks at home I will not survive but here little legit little did you know 67 weeks later I'm still there so still existing and I think we all learned a lot of new things and new let's say,

00:08:19: possibilities how digitalization will shaping our faith our daily life,

00:08:23: how we can integrate up finger dinner then also the whole condemning situation was a huge boost for digital concepts for virtual setups for virtual environments and we have never expected that before,

00:08:33: death such shouldn't huge impact that even as possible

00:08:37: so to really interact with customers with suppliers with colleagues so I hire people in the last year I've never seen it I have no clue how tall they are because you always seem to people until to their breasts,

00:08:49: so you don't know if you are 1 meter 80 or 1 meter 60 and even I don't care but I think the most important thing is let's say switching the camera on.

00:08:57: Getting some how and a feeling for a person but it's let's say working environment also let's say the working environment tone for all the people who are

00:09:05: able to work from home because it's not bad

00:09:08: don't fit into every cell has a job profile but in our organization and we are 75,000 people as I said before and we hadn't the peak around 40,000 people really sitting at home and working from home,

00:09:17: and at that this possible so no one has really.

00:09:20: And also to be honest hit the Somme let's say pandemic it hit us let's say 5 to 10 years before we were all in big big trouble,

00:09:28: because the corona tree was not on that level and that ready to really do that provide that and be cable or able to really deal with these kind of circumstances so therefore then the biggest learning is it is possible you can.

00:09:41: Use your time more efficient I think all that the learning is that are we really let's say got another let's say.

00:09:48: Inspiration but also let's say feeling to work life balance I think there we all have to explore a nice.

00:09:54: To learn new things because when you're at the whole day in the same environment and then also sleeping in the same room maybe when you have a small flat or apartment that's then really.

00:10:02: Pains are really taking care and what I really like and that's something because I'm dealing with a lot of international people than you always have this let's say,

00:10:10: you and mr. and mrs. and whatever so in Germany we have to always have this struggle with can I say you or doing it in Germany but I really saw and feel and even through all hierarchies that people are open up.

00:10:25: And getting more personally,

00:10:27: more emotional so every let's say good leaders are really opened up and because everybody shows more personal things we have seen so many living rooms bathrooms Kinder rooms kitchens

00:10:38: whatever we have seen when you're switching the camera on I think that lets really it's a good thing for German attitude because as a traveling Beyond normally a little more harsh in the little more strict a little more governance and following the rules and of course.

00:10:52: What we are doing there so how we are acting with people so but I really thought it was more land around the Christmas time it was about,

00:10:58: wire because of Christmas that this kind of social aspect and social inspiration from people how they want to interact with people was getting more and more,

00:11:05: and I've seen even in social media on LinkedIn that was exploding I would say so just for my for my feeling yeah but that was something but I really like that people are opening up more.

00:11:16: Was never easier to get in contact with a person from another company you just knock on the door

00:11:21: bring it on LinkedIn on kissing on whatever kind of social media platform just are you willing for on Virtual coffee if you're not coming directly with a sales pitch then that's always possible and that is.

00:11:33: I've met so many fantastic great new people over the last month's and I've never yeah thought that that might happen that I'm also able to because normally if you would ask me one and a half year ago I'm not a big fan of home office.

00:11:49: But no I would say why not do I want to go back to home add to the office five days a week never ever.

00:11:56: Yeah that's over that yeah I like I like what you said about about the Newfound casualness and about is breaking down of hierarchies and the sort of,

00:12:05: because it's an interesting blend of intimacy as well as.

00:12:09: Disconnectedness right in a way I think what contributes to to us calling each other do more of which is the very informal way of addressing people in Germany if you don't know each other utility don't say do right by you say Z.

00:12:22: And it's easy to do that in a virtual environment because they're still there distance in between right so maybe if you're in the same room with somebody that's much higher up in the hierarchy,

00:12:31: that would be a little bit more difficult than if you were in a in a zoom room right if you're wearing your shorts or whatever and if you're in casual environment so I think that blend,

00:12:40: lends itself to that development I think absolutely absolutely and that that is something I think that's really.

00:12:46: Yeah workshop and people it makes more personally the whole thing and they're already like that because sometimes it's easier and I think that is also something that we will all learn and hopefully also keep after the pandemic is then some when hopefully over here.

00:12:58: Because I think you can't go back from an personal saying that is a bovis then now back to mr. affected area so I think you will yeah you will not do that yeah so therefore that's fantastic I really like that because.

00:13:11: Why the heck do we do that so it that's one let's say,

00:13:15: that's a positive effect beside all the digitalization and the boost for universities and for kindergarteners and for schools I think what they have done in the last one and a half year and what not have happened in the next 5 to 10 years.

00:13:26: If a grown-up would not have a boost them that much and dramatically but of course there are let's say when it comes and you ask about let's say what has changed and what we have not.

00:13:35: The door because I want we also saw that the last one and a half year was also booster for some technologies but also some technology solid say some techniques,

00:13:45: went a little bit more back from the hype cycle or let's say from the Readiness level of usage.

00:13:50: And one topic that was let's say really pushed further into the last year was the topic of additive manufacturing and 3D printing.

00:14:00: Because we also expected at the beginning that will be directly fast and a lot of companies and their universities and scientific institutes are reckoned this technology and so on that will be there,

00:14:10: everywhere soon it was little more far away and when we had our last conversation beginning of last year we also expected maybe it's.

00:14:19: Yeah it's slowly coming but let's see,

00:14:21: but during the pandemic and when everybody so Acadia a whole country is going into a lockdown so who would ever expected that a country can go on a lockdown,

00:14:29: and industries are complete Industries are closed so on we are not acting in a global let's say setup as a whole industry so now,

00:14:39: companies and a lot of our customers have to rethink about their supply chains and now they have thought about okay what is Plan B,

00:14:46: how to really get the spare parts the topics faster and let's say with a more let's say individual basis of faster to my to my operations to my plants and then the additive manufacturing pardoned for deeply part was

00:15:00: really growing last year.

00:15:03: Started with some spare parts but in the end also have care products and face masks for hospitals and all these topics the we're out of order where nothing The Whole World Market was let's say empty,

00:15:14: because everybody needs this kind of topics for the hospitals and then they additive manufacturing part starts to do that hospitals open up own flipper in 3D printing rooms within the hospital just to manufacture their own equipment.

00:15:27: And that was a huge push in the huge boost for the whole technology.

00:15:31: I wasn't aware of that and I've shown are not aware of any face mask getting 3D printed anywhere on it was by crazy so he even here even than the German attitude was somehow related hindering to really push that even further some other countries where a little bit more,

00:15:45: let's say.

00:15:46: The didn't eat or Sia so we for example be printed together with elbows and Deutsche Bahn we printed in and Hamburg four and a half thousand her face mask together with them and we transported them then to Spain.

00:15:56: So we also offer this face mask because you know pandemic situation last last spring was a dramatically in in in in Spain so in the hospitals were all completely out of stock.

00:16:07: But we also offer the same face Master Truman hospitals do you also need this because we can manufacture them and.

00:16:12: Are you willing to use them but most of the German hospitals can then exit now know there is no official cep stamp on that yeah it's 3D printed so that's.

00:16:23: Melissa handmade thing nope but space that I don't care about this official stamp we need face masks please bring us

00:16:31: and that was let's say a different kind of additive in the pressure has to hide in the air sometimes open up for for rather thinking exam

00:16:38: yeah oftentimes 3D printing got discussed in the context of it being naughty a positive or good thing for the work of logistics providers because there will be.

00:16:48: Last Logistics to be taken care of how did it affect you I mean this is not a huge shift to you probably don't see any values dropping because of

00:16:55: no of local 3D printing how do you how do you take advantage of that Trend at the moment I would say it's a kind of an add-on so to offering let's say an additional service or two to really screen the spare parts or the material of

00:17:08: offer customers will because when you're having already let's say the stock after the customer and your responsibilities having a warehouse there where everything is in then you can really screen maybe 10,000 different products,

00:17:18: maybe 20 out of them might be already 3D printable so then take them out of the Shelf take them out of the stock.

00:17:25: Printed on demand locally normally its let's say the most horrible thing that could happen to logistic person that everything is already there where it's needed.

00:17:32: So but now we're really printing on demand locally so no Transportation or warehousing we bring it into a virtual set up,

00:17:39: Essen again add-on in the beginning it's another form of customer bonding in the first step so to really offer additional services for even for spare parts by the manufacturing is maybe too expensive because.

00:17:50: When you have some kind of an old-timer topic so very old topic,

00:17:54: and then you could go back to the original oems and telling them I need five of these spare parts that yeah 10,000 then we are maybe starting the machine again but only 5 not possible.

00:18:05: Done this technology makes sense and that's another form of customer support but we also see that's a spare part is one part.

00:18:12: The hole to Hole are from the Aerospace industry is jumping dead like apples or bowling the old print more and more and even bigger things what guts of a huge push last year is around really health care products.

00:18:25: One topic and what I can see and it is also something we are now people really believe in the technology see that technology has a sense and also let's say a business case behind.

00:18:35: The whole Construction and building industry is the next Big Industry who will be.

00:18:40: Maybe not directly disrupted but there is a disruption potential even higher than for logistic industry because.

00:18:47: Construction site at so we are building houses and like and the Stone Age so wooden this don't put it together and cut somewhere left and right so it's,

00:18:57: always the same but now the 3D printing or additive manufacturing you can really build like the nature you only printing what you need

00:19:04: so there's less waste it's a really Sustainable Building and it's even more stable best better isolated so this for the construction site and even cheaper.

00:19:14: Less material less ways but isolated more stable even in areas where you have a lot of problems of earthquakes that's now possible to really see and build,

00:19:25: bionic constructions and therefore I would say the construction site is.

00:19:31: Getting interesting for that kind of new technology at some not new but they are now tackling here this industry.

00:19:38: Yeah where do you see some of the fields where DB Schenker can play a role obviously they're not going to be they're not going to show up on any construction site anytime soon to print houses but where I do You See Fields of really really the playing a role and moving into the same never know so

00:19:50: we don't know when we can earn money with something we have a look on that if there is a possibility for us.

00:19:56: Because it's also the topic is so we are really driving the topic of new business models because let's say 10 years ago we were perfect Logistics service provider via still are

00:20:04: perfect Logistics service provider but now we are all we have to open up because let's say the traditional business model of a freight forwarder is to organize the transport from A to B and to store things for a certain time,

00:20:15: that's let's say no very easy nutshell Yep this is me but now let's say the dispatching part of organizing part that will maybe do an artificial intelligence in the future the storing part is a robotic automatization Topic in the warehouse.

00:20:28: What is in our value so that's exactly the questions of 75,000 people and 2,000 locations in 130 countries what are they doing tomorrow.

00:20:38: So in medicine really something we said okay what do we have what kind of assets we have than 700,000 customers we have the buildings we have the facilities the branches

00:20:46: the knowledge the people and then really rethink and,

00:20:49: 4D printing is one part where you can start to consult so open up consulting or topics but maybe we also let's say

00:20:56: topics on the kind of platform topics where we let's say orchestrate like an Airbnb for getting worse the next so far or bad whereas the next Square Media and Warehouse.

00:21:07: So opening up this kind of platform topics but also the construction side so when they are now starting with additive manufacturing of course you have to bring the equipment somewhere you have to do that you have to.

00:21:18: Train people consult people somebody has to be the owner of the equipment than for the next contraction side for the next one so this kind of sharing models you always need for somehow.

00:21:28: First investor or directly sharing possibility and that is something that we see you could guess a logistic need behind.

00:21:36: Yeah bringing things from A to B to support that things to do the spare part logistic to have an eye on the topic of the machine as a damaged or whatever so there are a lot of possibilities tribute possibilities where I would say there is a chance for logistic professional to earn money.

00:21:52: But I'll be even when it comes let's say two new technologies and all the sustainability driven approaches from customer governance and Society.

00:22:00: That's something what logistic people are have to really be aware.

00:22:03: That what's going on there maybe maybe in the future our 2000 branches are landing zones for flying drones why not.

00:22:12: Because we mostly have a branch we have an area around will be half a yard we have a warehouses with a flat roof so why not lending there for something.

00:22:22: I'm here yeah you guys are investors and volocopter right which is one of the prominent german-based

00:22:29: Vito's right exactly so how are they doing I would say fantastically so they started with a beaulieu city have different products now already in the portfolio and that's the bonus City

00:22:40: what is it is a passion to truck Tech see flying drone with 18 rotors before two people that was let's say the first product and,

00:22:48: but it wasn't not that interesting for us because we are not in passenger,

00:22:52: but then they open up also we also working on the Congo Tromso heavy-lift cargo drawn and that is something we really fall in love with.

00:22:59: Because we have ever weirdest diesel bands sustainability topics how to bring topics on the last mile into the urban environment how to bring things on the mountain.

00:23:08: It's a kind of a grain because this cargo drone can really then take a 200 kilogram and flying 40 kilometers from A to B out enormously.

00:23:17: And that is something was the second product and they developed in molar Connect Now published at some weeks ago that's really flying more than 100 kilometer.

00:23:25: And more to come so there are plenty of let's say good initiatives and.

00:23:31: I would say that is let's say one of the two great startups from Germany there is there another let's say when it comes to passenger transport.

00:23:38: But I really like this kind of.

00:23:42: Technology is not that they are let's say in the next five years there are millions of drones flying in the in the air and it's getting dark because of the drones in the air I don't expect that.

00:23:53: But that offering special services new possibilities because all these kind of events are electric so.

00:24:01: Less expensive comes again to sustainability and the pollution they are lost absolutely more silent other than a helicopter for example so also did the noise,

00:24:12: pollution yeah it's a topic that we have to be aware so while a couple is a great opportunity and that is a our biggest challenges now to integrate such an.

00:24:21: Vehicle into the supply chain because that the customer will not have a contact directors to such an heavy-lift cargo drone it's about the let's say.

00:24:30: How to integrate it in the best way and of course the legal setup has to be there.

00:24:35: But it also is working on data certifications aren't planning there are already we can see that that they are in the next two to three years they will be there.

00:24:43: Flying above unmanned areas already possible flying above men area so flying really into the city.

00:24:49: I would guess 2324 around that then we really see that so it's very soon it's not that far in the future.

00:24:56: Yeah and also seems like the perfect topic to also change your mind on again in the next few years right as as things move quicker than you thought or slower than you thought.

00:25:05: And so much unpredictability in this whole game to for ample I can imagine changes I have a good conversation with my former boss five six years ago when I was my first conversation with him about drones.

00:25:17: And it directly told me to go away with drones never ever will that work out so nobody needs that except that's a toy so that's really something for kids playing in the garden at or a photographers or four.

00:25:27: For video topics that we've captured cool video stuff but nothing for let's say B2B environment.

00:25:32: But yeah we also using drones in France for inventory scanners also topic her flying in the warehouse through the shelves taking pictures scanning,

00:25:41: barcodes taking pictures and then that's saving a lot of money so there are technologies that let's say some years ago nobody has expected.

00:25:49: Yeah that's maybe a good point in time since you just brought up the the conversation that you had with your boss who was

00:25:55: head one opinion you may have had another talk to me about that sort of tolerance for differing ideas inside an organization like like Shankar which is not a small startup right it's a large

00:26:06: established organization some would argue that it's conservative compared to two maybe a a new Innovative disruptive startup talk to me about the appetite for trying something that may not work

00:26:17: or actually the appetite for changing your mind to advocate for something in one year and next year

00:26:24: trying something totally different I mean that maybe that's dead lived and sort of embraced in your small part inside the organization but talk to me about an organization.

00:26:32: At large I think

00:26:34: it's a part of a of the culture of a company and as I could beginning we are roughly 150 years old so of course we are traditional Freight forwarder and with that size you somehow have a governance you have policies you have a regulations you have a structure you have hierarchies

00:26:50: that's all it sometimes hindering

00:26:51: to be really creative H other fast yeah and how do you get the larger largely yeah so are you need today even for legal purposes liberal legal topics you have to set up let's say somehow regulations and structures but when you really want to do that then

00:27:04: it's like some people think okay let's in let's set up a workshop and then we are all Innovative because

00:27:09: yeah that will never work out so it's all about let's say setting the circumstances setting the possibility for an organization and really showing by example

00:27:18: that we are willing to do that.

00:27:20: And it's the first of all let's say giving somebody the responsibility or setting up Innovation from the title then also but if it's a part of your culture overall strategy it must be there also the possibility to really see that.

00:27:34: Even the board is acting differently that they are also contacting a startups,

00:27:39: other companies other suppliers having an eye on the market listening to Trends sharing their thoughts about the future all that helps to shape,

00:27:48: culture within an organization and that was not an easy enough thing that's never stopping because you really have to show and literally lead by example.

00:27:57: Step two topics like that I welcome that you're able to deal with them as an organization showing good example sharing the knowledge the information that somebody has developed something within the organization make it transparent that there is something.

00:28:10: So the diverse case that could happen that nobody believes that good ideas will have a will succeed in your organization so make them visible promote people that there are some.

00:28:19: The great ideas and of course and let's say sometimes what it's let's say protecting me a little bit maybe protecting I'm more than 21 years within the company so sometimes I have let's say that.

00:28:31: The freedom or let's say I'm just a taking me let's say the chance to just try something and do that it was all so let's say 10 years ago we started the first initiatives with Electro Mobility,

00:28:42: so starting the first e-track topics and trying to find the retrofit track so where we took a diesel engine output electric Enzo really rate the retrofit their trucks.

00:28:53: My former boss is also said to why do we do that makes no sense and said you know we need something like a believe me that will come so now electromobility.

00:29:02: And then all these kind of diesel bands and initiatives we are happy that we started yet still.

00:29:08: More to come and there is a leak that big push there and they really would love to have even more e trucks on the road but.

00:29:16: You have to learn to understand also to show to your organization

00:29:20: what are you doing sometimes Also let's say not all initiatives all pilot projects all topics will be a driving as an innovation department will succeed and will someone that was the next thing I was going to ask like what about the appetite or the the tolerance for failure,

00:29:34: any any any good examples of things of projects that you've really believed in it spectacularly failed,

00:29:41: a spectacular it's right here the failure as a learning to be honest yeah if you're in let's say selling the story quite probably but there may be there was one topic or are we there's already some years ago but it was quite a good one because we develop that sayin kind of an

00:29:55: from reusable Packaging Systems or as a kind of an plastic box.

00:30:00: Have you put all technology that we found into that box so there was a sensor that gets an alert when somebody was opening the box there was temperature there was humility there was three forces vibration you could measure everything a light sensor,

00:30:13: we have GPS on the box so that was so such a cool boss we really fall in love with Technologies or bring everything to the Box.

00:30:20: We want the German packaging price for that we were awarded from the Global Packaging award ceremony in Sydney in that time amazing great success when it comes to publication marketing.

00:30:32: But then we want to sell it to the customer but no one wants to have it

00:30:35: that was that's a little too much technology too expensive for the market or not even not even even though is necessary sometimes for the customers more or less for free just use the technology because he wanted to scale it but.

00:30:48: We have not listened to the customer so this kind of customer centricity discount of customer feedback and that is something what we learned quite hard because Also let's say it's some years ago.

00:30:57: 10 15 years ago we.

00:30:59: I thought okay we are one of the biggest Logistics service provide on Earth and when we go left the market will follow and we go right the market we go right so and.

00:31:08: That is not the expectation that customer having and this kind of let's say design thinking approach going to the customer validated with the customer listen to the customer that is something that we learn quite hard also there's some products with some services that we stopped the lay down because nobody wants to have that,

00:31:23: what was too complex to explain.

00:31:25: And that is also something make it easy and also logistic is not complex but when you're making it complex then maybe no one really is motivated to use it probably.

00:31:34: And that is something even when you think you have the clevis product and the coolest is service here on Earth.

00:31:39: Going to your customer getting the feedback and believe me 80% of all ideas are destroyed directly because nobody needs that yeah and that is something what we learned in that case that way quite hot.

00:31:51: And we stop the product by the way later on so that so we are now we changed Solutions and Lessons Learned yeah that was really a lessons Lessons Learned here.

00:32:01: Yeah let's move back to the topic of stuff you've changed your mind on so we talked about,

00:32:05: all of the stuff with with communication around Corona we talked about 3D printing we touched on drones.

00:32:13: What else maybe behind side you think you really sort of Switched opinions on where surprised by or change your opinion on basically yeah absolutely so that I think there's a maybe one topic and what we read we changed it,

00:32:26: our mind in the last week's and that's also quite interesting because we are having a kind we call it an innovation faeces that's a kind of let's say our Focus areas where we are focusing on a certain topic so,

00:32:36: because they are millions of possibilities and you can work the whole day on something that makes absolutely no sense for your company so,

00:32:43: narrow down to focus and we also Define topics where we don't want to work on at the moment.

00:32:47: So because you slept okay legal circumstances are too expensive not the right moment and whatever and one topic worked we decided in the end of last year beginning of this year.

00:32:57: No further activities on autonomous driving on public roads except okay.

00:33:02: We are not an oem we are not the manufacturer of the track of the cars so and on an auto tracks so we will really wait under this technology is available and legalize allowed.

00:33:12: So except stop all activities there that was let's say one of our let's say fonts but then our Minister for transport and infrastructure and the Shire came up with the idea.

00:33:21: Why not changing the law.

00:33:23: Has he listened to our Innovation fuses we didn't know but unfortunately now 20th of May so some days ago they changed the law in Germany and now trimming is the country.

00:33:34: The only country neuro forgot the legal set up an illegal possibility to drive out enormously level 4.

00:33:41: Limits of their level 5 is the max the maximum but level for means the person is still there the steering wheel is still there but you can do whatever you like Sophie reticle you can sleep.

00:33:50: You're getting a signal when you have to do something but level for the legal set up for doing that as now Darren Germany.

00:33:58: And that is let's say also a bit unexpected that there is really happens on now we have to rethink okay maybe doing the a little more because now the possibility is there to really do that and then we have still a shortage of truck driver,

00:34:11: we have in some regions in Germany the average age is 50 h58,

00:34:16: off a truck driver of a professional truck driver America we have 56 Australia by the way.

00:34:22: So we have a big issue that we want to hire even more truck driver but there are not enough there so therefore we have to deal with topics like autonomous ation and or automatization and if now the lead is set up is also there.

00:34:34: Let's have a second look on that topic so that is really something what we have not expected that that will come that fast,

00:34:40: of course technology wants to see a lot of startups and also Tesla and the companies like that are working on something.

00:34:47: The legal set up Austin always pissing and illegal setups are mostly behind the technology.

00:34:53: But the that's let's say somehow normal but technology is getting faster and faster available so therefore also the legal setups in the governance they has to rethink about their setups to make things.

00:35:05: Easier adaptable or possible yeah what what role do you think Shankar could play there in the next few years if you take it seriously.

00:35:13: If we could take it seriously then let's say our approach would always be to integrate it into our operations and,

00:35:19: we are not aiming for the tops of your doing to have let's say exclusivity or to be the only one on something because.

00:35:26: The cake is big enough for a lot of companies of course the let's say the size of the cake is to changing logistic demands are getting more and more but let's say.

00:35:36: The setup of the cake is a little bit different at the future and

00:35:39: we also believe that there is an autonomous driving really will be there and there must be a somehow standards there must be lets say links between the topics and of course we could be an operator we could be a fleet provider but anyhow we will be let's say.

00:35:53: Person or let's say to company who's bringing the goods into the truck.

00:35:57: And it's dealing with the security and the truck and taking it out of the truck deliver them to the customer side so these kind of let's say orchestration and organization that is there.

00:36:07: Now two numbers track is only let's say a part in the supply chain because you have the information flow have the physical flow we have to combine it and I think the company who makes that as easy as fast as possible they will let's say,

00:36:19: succeed and win even more market shares in the future because complexity is there but.

00:36:26: You have to do it always as easy as pragmatic as possible and I think the best example for that is maybe Google because we all able to handle Google one field on the homepage everybody knows I can enter their everything and then

00:36:40: something happen and I think logistic is as easy but it's behind the scenes it's totally absolutely complex when you have 10 topics like.

00:36:50: Container shortage and Suez Canal zoos Channel situations and now in China if the corona infection in a harbor.

00:36:59: Done logistic is a really complex and HR and young autonomous trucks could help could really speed up things and.

00:37:08: With the no shortage of capacity in the whole logistic market and some crazy truck driver start already to try from China to Europe with the truck.

00:37:16: Because the ship available No Air Freight capacity no rail Freight capacity available so that is really something we need,

00:37:24: plan C or D or E so we need Options under of course maybe in the future then the hyperloop is there.

00:37:31: That we're bringing the shelter the goods and the shipments even faster from from from Asia to Europe or vice versa.

00:37:39: So topics like that are frozen and maybe then also to your question there I think hyperloop was.

00:37:44: The most big hype already free four years ago then it was a little bit silent now it's coming back.

00:37:50: So I would also say the typical pattern huh absolutely I would guess the hyperloop technology is really coming so there are several I think 15 16 initiatives whole of Europe or dealing with the topic of hyperloop I think it's.

00:38:04: All about standardization so what's the size of the tube what's the speed what's the kind that the right let's say setup

00:38:12: but there are like hot hyperloop from the Netherlands or the Polish companies even the tier Technical University of Munich is working there on several things,

00:38:21: plenty of initiatives and I think there are the first rumors that the first test track in Europe might be between Amsterdam and Frankfurt or Vienna and Bratislava.

00:38:31: And I'm Saddam Frankfurt will then be around 50 minutes or something like that so that's done really fast and today we have four and a half hours.

00:38:39: I'm the devil change distances that will change speed and yet connectivity at all year.

00:38:46: So this technology is it's not enough something for the next 50 years no I would guess the first hyperloop installation the next five years.

00:38:55: Somewhere when the first installation is there and also virgin hyperloop one with Richard Branson and they have collected.

00:39:02: Billions of years and to really make that happen in India is working on a huge hyperloop track.

00:39:08: Russia is working on something the Scandinavian people Mexico is working on something so that every very initiative.

00:39:16: Somewhere it's the same with the with the flying drones of the heavy-lift cargo drones above the flying passenger drones.

00:39:23: The first mover and they have to prove that it's secure that is stable that everything is working and done.

00:39:30: Another plenty of ideas for new business models are coming.

00:39:33: Let's yeah let's let's talk about a related topic to all of these things that you described which is electrification of transport.

00:39:41: Have you changed your mind on anything with regards to electrification of trucking lately.

00:39:48: Are you bullish are you bearish on it happening anytime soon that trucks on the road will be electrified we hope so

00:39:53: so we are really trying to make that happens of course a nod to the topic it's about what to do with the with the lead Simeon battery in the end so after the lifetime of a truck.

00:40:04: Therefore we also did say really have fun big interest in hydrogen technology because from the from the technology side.

00:40:10: Even better than a from let's say from the carbon footprint in the end but more expensive less infrastructure less availability at the moment so therefore at the moment all your volumes are jumping on that.

00:40:20: They're also let's say this we have heard about this infrastructure programs around Frankfurt airport with this.

00:40:27: Lines above the street where you can charge your truck while you're driving under that so like an I saw some of those test tracks They look super weird right when you drive on the highway next to use this truck that looks like a tramp yeah what exactly like a tramp what I really like that let's say that.

00:40:42: That we are testing Technologies like that so they have to let's say that's so fantastic that even the government is giving fundings for testing.

00:40:49: Even with the clear understanding that will not be the solution for everything because it's let's only extending your battery life time so you can drive 20 kilometers longer.

00:40:59: Sounds like it's not a completely recharging of your batteries

00:41:02: but the technology is getting better and better batteries are getting better and better we have already trucks with 150 200 250 kilometers distance that they can drive what is in Europe for

00:41:15: plenty of our diet transparency between Branch to Branch might be enough.

00:41:22: And also for the urban for the Cody who collection delivery for the for the for the near distances and that is already possible and the we say our way we are dispatching Goods is now differently because.

00:41:34: Normally you have to take a concentration weight the volume and let's say that the payload after after of the shipments but now you also have new variables like distance.

00:41:45: Like a charging time like maybe dangerous goods on an electric track so topics like that are new variables that you have to deal with but.

00:41:54: As I said before plenty of cities are closing their doors for diesel trucks and for diesel engines in total so even as if you are having a car if these are you're not allowed to drive into Paris soon.

00:42:05: Then we need more of this kind of.

00:42:08: Yeah new fleets new possibilities and therefore we really changed our mind so as I SEPTA 10 15 years ago we didn't expected that much boost on these topics but now we are let's say running and trucks are not available.

00:42:22: And even there and I think that's also highly demanded enter a lot of let's say that the government has to change Daryl let's say you funding possibilities of way they're acting with that,

00:42:34: because maybe I've heard it in the Press so we are Shankar we bought 50 percent of all manufactured electric trucks from Daimler last year.

00:42:41: That sounds amazing so that's that you can't it's only a seven and a half ton truck so it's a small small truck,

00:42:47: and we bought 50 percent last year but when you didn't notice 50 present are exactly 36 trucks and you know there's a long way to go

00:42:56: yeah that's in the same having a truck is one thing hard to get at the moment so we have now more than 100 trucks hold over Europe in several branches charging infrastructure is the next topic there are several players.

00:43:08: Fast charger slow charger but we have done the calculation for should cut together with Daimler and it was quite impressive I would say because

00:43:17: we said only if the volumes of your having today how many of this e country from timer to 7 half ton trucks do we need was calculation around 23 24 of these trucks are needed so what and our branch is 20 kilometers outside of sugar

00:43:31: from where we are feeding let's say the city so if we would bring our 23 trucks at the same time to the car charging in its field that's the net at the branch the city then maybe it's getting dark and should cut so

00:43:43: the infrastructure is not made for that so we went to our power supplier can we have a bigger power line,

00:43:48: because we want to charge your electric trucks and a lot of them that yes you can have is that how long will it take all right around 10 years.

00:43:56: Yeah big topic and so and that is really a pain for us because we want to bring that further the technology is getting better and better.

00:44:07: It's a chicken-egg problem yo.

00:44:09: And that is and for hydrogen even burst but deference also cargo bikes are booming so again to your question from the beginning five years ago I have no clue what is a cargo bike.

00:44:19: Now he's kind of cargo bikes are really getting totally crazy even the regulation as a wellness a bike a bike in Europe a bike is a bike from the European regulation 86 centimeter wide.

00:44:32: And 250 what so ebike so all the rest nobody cares even if it's 10 meter long 10 meter high 10-ton heavy still a bike.

00:44:41: And that is lit beside Italy by the way Italy says maximum free meter.

00:44:47: But that's that's your everything so and that is let's say crazy and you see it everywhere on the in the urban environment that cargo bikes are everywhere in different solutions we have now cargo bikes and also some of our competitors as well there are carrying 500 600 kilograms.

00:45:01: On the bike.

00:45:02: Yeah so you can say it's part of Health Management of your old company but maybe not yeah I talked to one of the founders of Oh no just just this week just a couple days ago for the bvl digital pod Castle but that's in German so for all the German audience.

00:45:16: He wants to find out knowing more about cargo bikes listen to that conversation you probably seen those are you doing anything with those guys.

00:45:23: If they're not there are several and do several other providers or suppliers it's also interesting that there's not one supplier and sometimes the salad say,

00:45:32: smaller start up smaller companies so if you want to have let's say 10,000 cargo bikes at the same time the most of them are struggling because

00:45:38: not possible and another thing is that now to change of the earth environment is happening because when you have to think about cargo bike and I think about a city like Paris,

00:45:49: you can't can't ride with your bike through whole Paris so that means you need different points in the middle of Paris so it can be call it mini apps.

00:45:58: We are attract is feeding and then the cargo bike is picking it up and makes the delivery and we need around for Paris I think the calculation was around 12 of this mini hops whole over Paris and then you can feed the whole.

00:46:10: Urban environment of Paris but we are only one Logistics service provider now all of them have the same issue.

00:46:16: The old one to have fun Mini have somewhere for the cargo bike so now the city is also have to think about their infrastructure and what and how they are providing this kind of

00:46:26: lasers flee possibility mini hap Solutions

00:46:30: and that is something we are also two cities are changing their mind and what is really good and visited in Hamburg in Germany and some other cities as well that finally they are combining passions that transport and cargo transport because we all using the same infrastructure

00:46:44: and they have mostly never done that before they have people responsible for passenger transport in the city and people caring about logistics and normally they do not meet,

00:46:54: that often and that is something what is now changing and finding really the.

00:46:59: Possibilities to use all of these topics together that is also very logistic companies are asked from the cities from the major from the city how to support what is needed to really consult,

00:47:11: cities for their let's the infrastructure of the future because cities are changing when we all let's say having out enormous Fleet in the future we don't need parking houses we don't need more parking places somewhere,

00:47:24: because then somebody's the owner of the fleet.

00:47:28: And then they are driving everywhere and if you need two cars something is coming and it's going away so the the inner cities hopefully getting more green getting more let's say more fresh and more let's say life,

00:47:41: only for people but yeah we will more livable here more little bit more human friendly yeah hopefully yeah.

00:47:48: It's a big chance for four cities but what is also now seen when it comes to back to the corona pandemic situation that people really think about their values and their do I really have to live in this city.

00:48:00: So we also see it even with with our employees because if they say okay I don't have to be five days a week in the office.

00:48:07: So I have a small kit so why not going outside somewhere where my parents are living or in a small village whatever we are it's a good infrastructure so.

00:48:16: Internet is let's say the most required thing but then wild living there because if I'd only have to be a every second week one day in the office then I'm traveling then on that special day in the rest I'm there for my life is more let's say family friendly

00:48:31: that is something you touch you touch on it briefly before but I you personally more inclined or more open to hiring people on your team that are not close by I mean that are far away and they work work remotely more open to that than before

00:48:45: absolutely will you continue to be afterwards but I personally and for my team I can say yes

00:48:50: so for the whole company that's also change because nothing that you can say now and everything is differently but what we all saw and recognize that it's possible.

00:48:59: And that is let's say that the new way of thinking a new way of learning and I also saw some interviews from some let's say CEOs and managing directors from other companies were saying yeah I want to have my my people back at work.

00:49:12: The pets the totally wrong brush that will come back from holiday next from your home home office holiday yeah and I would say let's say my colleagues and my people and that the whole Shankar people and also with a lot of suppliers and start up what I can see they are working more than ever.

00:49:28: Because you have to trust your people but you have to trust if he blows up in the office

00:49:32: if you have a lazy person it is lazy person at home or lazy person your fits the same person so if you have a motivated person and but again that is something we have to motivate the people then you don't care where the person is sitting.

00:49:44: And agree and it's a great chance for all of us because sometimes when we let's say

00:49:49: two years ago before Corona we said okay but you have to travel you have to live at to your office as frame for all your office is Munich Hamburg wherever that yeah but I'm living in

00:49:58: Mark the book I'm living in Paris as of how I do not want to move for the chop because my life life is here my private my family would ever accept and now I can say,

00:50:08: I don't care.

00:50:10: It's on it was also my team is for example my team is in in in Frankfurt and in Essen and I'm mostly sitting in the train between but and now I don't care what the people are because now we are all equal.

00:50:21: So normally the let's say the people around my desk have a closer connection to me because I'm was there plenty of times when you attend are then together on the coffee whatever you have a chat on something but now we have let's say,

00:50:34: you all equal we are all sitting at home and that ascended SATA great Advantage when you have this kind of

00:50:39: equal situation that everybody is working virtually in the team's world as possible again not everywhere it's possible but that's a fantastic situation now we can really be an attractive employer if they are

00:50:50: opening that up so I don't care if you're sitting in Hamburg Munich whatever even

00:50:56: I would say even in another country legalized not that easy because then you have a lot of let's say text,

00:51:02: issues maybe also detects law has to change I would say that that is possible because at the moment we have certain days where you can be not in the country where your contract is.

00:51:12: I hope that even this kind of setups will change in the future yeah but I would say it's great opportunity and a great opportunity to really be.

00:51:21: Yeah attractive for young talents and what we can also see I would say over the last one and a half years the fluctuation the most of the companies was very little.

00:51:30: Because people if they have a secure job there,

00:51:33: kept it and is it okay we are system relevant let's stay here because there are so many crazy things out there don't do anything wrong now but now you see

00:51:41: they Delight in the end of the tunnel the vaccination numbers goes higher and higher the infection rate goes down and now you see that people really think about their values what is really my purpose my value what do I want to have in my life what is my

00:51:56: personal belongings and now you can really see that people are rethink their chopped changing jumps internally but also externally and also.

00:52:06: What I personally can really see that people don't care that much about hierarchies about status sometimes also not about money it's it must be good in it must be fair or good but.

00:52:18: Always this kind of more more more more more attitude.

00:52:22: That is a little bit different now I would say that's a good a good effect that I would say this what is really important because sometimes middle a little bit more reluctant.

00:52:32: Look more relaxed on the situation if you can't change things it is like it is we find another way.

00:52:39: And this kind of flexibility also work-life balance so as I said I'm now sitting 67 weeks at home.

00:52:46: The longest period I'm at the same place so even though it was also new for my wife and for my kids to have me every day around so that was something you'll have to explore new and but.

00:52:58: And so I'm still now we have for more than 34 degrees outside so I had breakfast outside in the garden with my with my wife we had lunch break in the garden so for 20 minutes that's fantastic,

00:53:09: so family-wise cool yeah and that is something and that's than work-life balance.

00:53:15: That is let's say great Advantage but we really have to learn doing brakes.

00:53:20: Stop working shut down the laptop and a certain point because we all recognized at the beginning of the pandemic situation in the beginning in March April last year we all had the feeling.

00:53:32: Let's say the circumstance of normal working setups so two workshops a day or one Workshop today that's it so what then,

00:53:40: in the second block down we recognize or we can do that faster why because we don't have to travel we don't need it so now I have over a day 14 15 appointments with different people so now we are really.

00:53:52: Getting good at this hell yeah and that is a bit crazy so depth is something what is not a good to let's say development so far so we always have to drain our self.

00:54:02: Take a break take a brief go out take some sport whatever but,

00:54:08: yeah I think even from this situation new business models are developing even in this kind of situations is also 2008 and we had the world economic crisis there's was the moment where Airbnb and Uber are found it and I think 2020 a lot of new companies and startups were founded.

00:54:23: Because some people rethink the situation what can we do out of that what kind of technology is let's say going further you see e-commerce boom.

00:54:31: Told ya try my best example of that is gorillas you know that quick Commerce company out of building that came out of nowhere literally showed up with and within the last 12 months and made it to unicorn starters with in like eight month or something crazy

00:54:43: episode tapping into that that need people sitting at home wanting something quick

00:54:46: sitting on the college and whether they're not being able to go inside a crazy trap within our team so I said also so because we had a this issue in Germany how the vaccination is

00:54:55: brought to the right people and what's the fastest way to do all this like kind of logistics behind that you have

00:55:00: give the vaccine to Amazon Prime and then in one week we all Vixen ated because they are more or less every day everywhere.

00:55:07: Yeah Eric we probably have time for one more one more thing you've changed your mind on there's maybe ten more on your list but pick one good one that you want to share.

00:55:16: One good one that I want to share and maybe then the topic of space that is coming closer than I ever expected so.

00:55:24: There are a lot of initiative lot of let's say companies have recognized and even more and more so you might have heard that even Jeff Bezos is now flying to the space and he's older yeah one seated opposite 26 28 million.

00:55:37: Topics like interesting kind of midlife crisis they're going on I don't know not only big fan so doctor what I see for for logistic has purposes all we are not flying to the Moon by tomorrow,

00:55:48: that does so for sure but maybe in some beers

00:55:50: but the let's say using space Technologies or satellite technology is really for let's say iot transparency where is something moving and also Tech and that is something that I wear are really changed my mind even with the topic of let's say pollution in the city

00:56:04: kind of CO2 consumptions all of this kind of to measure where is something happening there they use already more and more satellite technology,

00:56:13: to really have an eye on Hamburg where is the pollution coming from what is with the Harbour so using,

00:56:18: terrestrial things those ends Oregon the ground but also even more technology from the space,

00:56:24: and that is something good also we as logistic people because we need a clear let's say,

00:56:29: transparency where the shipments are where the trucks are has somebody open the door or is there a problem with the tracker with there with the if the cargo this kind of real-time information,

00:56:41: that is changing using space technology Galileo is now finally coming but even more and I think when the space technology is available may be armed

00:56:49: done fast on the other side of the earth while flying through the space.

00:56:53: Yeah on the topic of the satellites I recently had a podcast conversation on yet another part because I'm doing for the city of Bremen with the chief digital officer of OHP OHP that manufacture of satellites

00:57:07: and space equipment and he was mentioning that that type of equipment that that sort of Environmental

00:57:13: monitoring satellites is one of the biggest driver of his business on next 10 years it's going to explode I wouldn't mention this number the number of small satellites that are oftentimes not larger than,

00:57:24: like a box like a shoe box or a package you would get from Amazon that size satellite they're sending,

00:57:30: massively into space for that sort of purpose except the credits let's say that this it's the business model of SpaceX so they are offering let's say cheap Transportation possibility into the space and now there are satellite companies booming from areas Kepler systems from Canada.

00:57:45: Great let's write like a shoebox and in every Space X turns minimum one or two of the small fancy satellites and they really establishing new services and that was something.

00:57:54: Some years ago I was not expecting that faster that is coming they also initiatives flying to the Moon establishing their the first their habitats and the buildings.

00:58:03: That will come soon I was in the next two years maybe.

00:58:07: 225 years people are back on the moon and moon is then the first step and then we know know either must want to go to the mass and establishing he set and,

00:58:17: and regular transport to the mass whatever regular then means but it is coming and logistic is not ending on the ground it's really going up.

00:58:29: By using first space technology and then somewhere then we are flying and.

00:58:34: Yep I'm really looking forward to that so logistic is everything but not boring so there are plenty of changes for sure for sure especially when somebody listens to you and the passion you bring to the table in this sort of the stuff you you

00:58:45: you think about everyday you must have the most fun job inside of chancre I believe or not I love what I'm doing so that's absolute and again

00:58:54: curiosity I'm extremely curious person so I really want to explore test and be a part of stories and really am motivate people to be a part of that and connecting the right people and

00:59:05: Logistics people from the heart are networker and we want to connect people bring the right people together and again the nozzle when it comes to Innovation keeping

00:59:14: the right possibility that the right people can meet and then don't care how they are bringing things further.

00:59:20: Just keep them the freedom get the give them the freedom that they can work on topics for a certain time of a certain budget and certain whatever but that's it nothing more to control.

00:59:30: Then if the right people have the possibility to work on some food and great things could happen.

00:59:35: And that is something we are the whole logistic industry is changing and we are in the middle of a huge transformation and the cool thing is we are syllogistic people we always sit in between the chairs,

00:59:45: because we have to deal with all legal setups with all Industries with all Technologies with all if a brexit is happening if a Suez Canal is let's say closed if a Corona pandemic lockdown is happening.

00:59:57: It's all impacting us and that's something where we have to be a part of all these trends

01:00:03: problems issue possibilities and then really trying to make the best out of that and therefore their openness to explore new things test things fail with Topics by the way I just a I don't know if you know that the penguin award from Google

01:00:17: I'm a big fan of this kind of award.

01:00:19: Penguin Devon from Google know what's that time I don't know per month or per year how often did they do that but the Penguins won't because you think that all the penguins are standing on the ice shelf so standing on the on the eyes and on the on the ground and the ocean is our car

01:00:33: so this and someone has to jump first.

01:00:38: And then the probability that that first penguin will be eaten up by the Orca is quite High.

01:00:44: Some of them they celebrate the first one is not let's say.

01:00:48: The person has done the foolish thing or the most crazy things no one's the celebrate he was let's say giving his chance at there was a try here was a possibility that he will succeed and that evil let's say swim into the into the ocean but then we celebrate him,

01:01:02: that was the first one who tested something he has let's say the power and the motivation to do therefore I'm a big fan of that kind of award I don't know if you need such an award everywhere but that is kind of methodology and compare your thinking I really appreciate and like.

01:01:17: Awesome final comments Eric thank you very much it was a pleasure as always always enjoy chatting with you and.

01:01:24: Talking about this Innovation stuff is a true pleasure or maybe we should do this more often good stuff man thank you very much to be on the program thanks a lot for the invitation,

01:01:32: all right that was the logistics tribe podcast episode with are advising from DB Schenker if you enjoyed Today's Show please tell your colleagues about it

01:01:41: don't forget to subscribe to the podcast so you don't miss any of the future episodes we have great guests and topics coming up

01:01:48: I'm Boris felgendreher until next time.

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Anne Kerrin Wirsing

I liked the insights and thoughts about our world today and the outlook to tomorrow. It was fun listening to you both!

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