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Contrarian Views on Startups, Digital Freight Forwarders, LogTech, AI and more (Jonah McIntire, Founder, TNX Logistics)

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Jonah McIntire is the founder of TNX Logistics, an AI-based road transportation procurement platform that Jonah just sold to Transporeon.

He is also author of the book "Supply Chain Visibility: From Theory to Practice". Jonah holds many contrarian views around logistics and supply chain tech in particular. So this conversation turned into a wide-ranging thought-provoking discussion with our host Boris Felgendreher on the following topics:

  • Why startups are much less about a grand vision and more about trial-and-error and opportunism

  • What the first version of TNX Logistics looked liked like and why that didn’t work

  • What actually did work and how

  • What the “whiteboard rationale” was for launching TNX in New Zealand in “stealth mode” and what the reality ended up looking like

  • The acquisition of TNX by Transporeon

  • Jonah’s views on the success of Sennder in the European road transportation market. What he admires the company for and what he perceives as “tech-washing” on behalf of Sennder, Uber Freight, Convoy and others

  • An analysis of the economic models of Uber Freight, Convoy, Flexport

  • The valuation premium of digital freight forwarders vs. traditional freight forwarders

  • Why Jonah is bearish on drones in logistics but very bullish on autonomous vehicles and why that technology deserves more attention

  • Why the vision of humans and AI working together in unison and AI only replacing the boring and mindless tasks that humans don’t like to do may be wrong

  • Is AI in logistics and supply chain actually making jobs better or not?

  • How to think about breakthrough technologies that will suddenly change an entire industry. Analogies to the Manhattan project

  • And much more

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