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The Ultimate Analysis of the Global Ocean Freight Crisis (Jochen Gutschmidt, Sea-Intelligence)

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The current crisis in global ocean freight has impacted supply chains, businesses and consumers around the world. It is one of the most important business topics of the year. And a lot has been written about it already, even in the mainstream press.

But this episode of The Logistics Tribe Podcast offers one of the most clear and comprehensive analyses of the situation, yet.

Our guest Jochen Gutschmidt has spent over three decades on all sides of the ocean freight equation. 20 years in leading roles at Maersk and 10 years at Nestlé and his most recent role at maritime intelligence and analytics firm Sea-Intelligence give Jochen a very unique perspective and a comprehensive understanding of the crazy dynamics that are in play during these unprecedented times in ocean transportation.

Host of today's show is Jonah McIntire, serial entrepreneur in the logistics tech space with many years of experience in global freight, logistics and tech.

Together, Jonah and Jochen are talking about the following topics and themes:

  • Jochen's three decades in the world of ocean freight

  • A snapshot of the ocean freight chaos in the last 18 months

  • What are the root causes of the crisis? Is COVID the only cause at play?

  • How is this crisis similar or different to previous situations ovre the last decade?

  • The most frequent question Jochen gets from his clients at Sea-Intelligence

  • The big picture: What keeps supply chain leaders up at night in the current situation?

  • Rate impacts on major lanes: Asia-Europe, Asia-NA

  • Rate impacts in spot market vs. long service contracts

  • Have the costs for carriers and forwarders actually gone up in line with the rate increases?

  • How will the sudden carrier windfalls be used?

  • An analysis of the COVID-induced shipping crisis

  • The role of the sudden change in consumer behavior in the US during the pandemic and how it differed from consumer behavior in Europe

  • How temporary or permanent is the crisis?

  • Are we dealing with a "fork in the road" situation for the entire industry?

  • What will post-pandemic common rates look like?

  • Predictions for the carrier's business strategies post-COVID. Will they go back to rock-bottom rates and price wars?

  • What lessons can be learned for supply chain leaders?

  • and more

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