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Innovation and Digital Transformation at Schnellecke Logistics (Karsten Keil, Management Board, Group IT & Digitization)

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Our guest today on The Logistics Tribe is Karsten Keil. Karsten is member of the Management Board at Schnellecke Logistics and heads up the the groups IT and Digitization efforts. Together with our host Marco Prüglmeier, Karsten talks about how Schnellecke, a traditional, family-owned, globally-operating logistics provider with more than 75 years of experience is managing innovations and their digital transformation efforts. Together Karsten and Marco touch on the following topics:

  • How digital innovation and transformation is managed at Schnellecke globally and how it fits into to IT organization

  • What the main innovations are that Karsten's team is currently working on

  • What trends in innovations are the most relevant for Schnellecke? The importance of IoT, Data Analytics, real-time SC visibility, robotics

  • What the advantages are of AGVs vs. AMRs. The transition from AGVs to AMRs. Why AMRs are the future?

  • Visibility and tracking

  • Is blockchain already a topic? What's the potential? Resilience advantages of decentralized systems

  • Drones for inventory management in combination with RFID tags

  • Does augmented and virtual reality play a role yet? How is it being used at Schnellecke for onboarding. What results have been accomplished.

  • AR used during the picking process. What worked, what didn't?

  • The potential and challenges of autonomous trucks

  • Sustainability at Schnellecke

  • Could autonomous truck OEMs become a threat to thee traditional logistics business? How Schnellecke sees this as an opportunity. The emergence of platforms to coordinate shop floor equipment and autonomous trucks

  • The emergence of digital freight forwarders

  • How Schnellecke works with startups. What are the biggest challenges?

  • How a traditional, family-owned business with more than 75 years of experience had to change its culture to stay innovative

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