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A Crash Course in the Global Semiconductor Shortage (Richard Barnett, CMO, Supplyframe)

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The ongoing semiconductor shortage has been sending ripples across our supply chains for many months now, with no end in sight. But the story of what exactly is going on and what products and industries are affected keeps evolving.

So we invited Richard Barnett, CMO at Supplyframe to give our audience of logistics and supply chain professionals on The Logistics Tribe Podcast a crash course on the situation.

Richard is a bonafide expert on the value chains of global manufacturing companies. Together with our host Boris Felgendreher, he discussed the following topics:

  • Richard’s background in global supply chain management

  • How Supplyframe fits into the Siemens family of companies

  • The semiconductor situation prior to the pandemic. What were the important trends?

  • The challenges of matching semiconductor supply and demand and the difficulties of ramping up production

  • How the pandemic triggered a chain reaction and ripple effects across the supply chain.

  • How changed consumer behaviors influenced demand and how that affected different industries differently

  • How miscalculations and misjudgments of the situation contributed to the crisis and why the automotive sector was hit particularly hard

  • Why the automotive supply chain had missing or misaligned incentives that made the situation worse

  • What characteristics of the automotive supply chain made it particularly susceptible to disruptions of this kind

  • Did pure-play EV companies fare better during the crisis?

  • The regional concentration of semiconductor production and the geopolitical questions that the current situation raises

  • What is the European perspective vs. the US perspective?

  • What other disruptions might be lurking on the horizon?

  • How supply chains will evolve as a result of the current semiconductor shortage.

  • Predictions for how the situation will unfold over the next 12 months and a broader outlook for this decade

  • And much more

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