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Is the Mainstream Media getting the Supply Chain Crisis right? (Eric Johnson, JOC and Emma Cosgrove, Business Insider)

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In today's episode of The Logistics Tribe we will take a look at why and how the mainstream media has been covering the global supply chain crisis.

The topic is getting a tremendous amount of attention right now. The President of the United States spoke out and intervened in the current transportation and supply chain situation and the headlines in major news outlets and the evening news around the world are full of supply chain stories and attempts to explain what’s going on.

So we invited two journalists onto the show today who have been covering the world of transportation, logistics and supply chain for many years.

We wanted to get their take on what the mainstream media is getting right, what they may be getting wrong, and what the impacts may be on the situation as a result of how this story is covered.

Eric Johnson, is senior editor at the trade publication Journal of Commerce, and Emma Cosgrove is senior reporter for transportation and e-commerce topics at the online publication Business Insider.

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