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A Last Mile Digital Forwarder for IKEA, Decathlon, Migros and Metro (Aike Festini, CEO and Co-Founder, Luckabox)

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Aike Festini is CEO and Co-Founder of Luckabox, an innovative startup from Switzerland.

Over 40% of delivery costs are incurred during the last miles of the delivery process. Here, traditional delivery services often experience problems with coordination.

Luckabox is helping prominent brands and retailers like IKEA, Decathlon, Migros and Metro with this last, essential phase of the delivery process.

Luckabox coordinates all steps necessary for an efficient and cost-effective delivery.

Aike and her team consider themselves a “Last Mile Digital Forwarder”.

In this episode of The Logistics Tribe Podcast, Aike gives our host Dana von der Heide a behind-the-scene look at how she and her team have built the company from scratch, what the major pain points are that they serve for their customers, where the company is headed next, and much more.

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To learn more about Luckabox:

To connect with Aike Festini, visit:

To connect with Dana von der Heide, host of the Logistics Tribe, visit:

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The Logistics Tribe Podcast is supported by GreyOrange, a global leader in the areas of AI-enabled warehouse robotics and fulfillment automation.

Boris recently recorded a podcast episode with Akash Gupta, the young co-founder and CTO of GreyOrange. That episode is now live on the BVL Digital Podcast, the official podcast of the German Logistics Association (BVL):


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