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The Technologies that enable Modern Supply Chain Management (John Atherton, Accenture AWS Business Group)

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Modern Supply Chain Management would be impossible without the powerful technologies that enable it. Our guest on today's episode of The Logistics Tribe is John Atherton, Global Lead for Supply Chain & Operations at the Accenture Amazon Web Services Business Group, a joint venture between Accenture and AWS.

Together with our host Boris Felgendreher, John talks about the following topics:

  • John and Boris' joint history at GT Nexus, the first cloud-based global supply chain platform

  • The evolution of cloud technology as the key enabler for modern supply chain management

  • Why just about any company with a global supply chain still has major gaps in their supply chain visibility

  • The IT infrastructures that global organizations rely on to manage their global operations and supply chain management

  • What advancements that have been made to improve the quality of supply chain data. What role Machine Learning and AI can play

  • The advent of a new breed of digital freight forwarders and if their technology stacks enjoy an advantage

  • How the upcoming downturn will effect funding opportunities for logtech startups

  • Amazon Web Services plans and ambitions in the area of logistics and supply chain management

  • How Accenture and AWS are partnering up to drive supply chain technology into global organizations

  • and much more

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