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The Logistics Tribe

How to get Logistics PR coverage, LogTech Startups during downturn, new Flexport CEO (with Emma Cosgrove, Eric Johnson)

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We invited two prominent journalists back onto the show who cover the exciting fields of logistics, supply chain, logtech and e-commerce. Emma Cosgrove writes about logistics with a focus on e-commerce for Business Insider and Eric Johnson is Senior Editor for Technology at The Journal of Commerce, where he leads coverage and analysis of technology's impact on global logistics and trade.

Our host Boris Felgendreher wanted to know what stories from the recent weeks and months Emma and Eric thought were the most interesting and deserved to be discussed in more detail.

So the three ended up diving into the impact that the economic downturn is having on the logtech startup ecosystem, the appointment of Amazon Executive Dave Clark to the role of CEO at Flexport and they also talked quite a bit about how journalist like Emma and Eric go about their jobs covering the industry and what you the audience can do to show up on their radar and get a chance of getting coverage. So there is some real actionable advice here as well that we hope you will find useful.

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