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Is now the right time to work for a LogTech Startup? (Frederic Krahforst, TradeLink and Jonah McIntire, Transporeon)

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In today's episode we discuss a timely topic that is on the minds of many of our listeners: Is now actually the right time to start working for a logistics tech startup?

Our guests today are Frederic Krahforst and Jonah McIntire. Frederic is the Co-Founder and CEO of the logtech startup TradeLink and Jonah has founded and successfully sold two logtech startups and is currently working for Transporeon, an established logtech company.

Regardless of whether you are a seasoned professional with more of a corporate background, whether you have some experience in startup environments, or whether you are starting fresh out of university, startups, especially in the supply chain and logistics area, can be a very attractive career opportunity.

But with all the uncertainty around the economy, an increasingly difficult startup funding environment, etc. there are a lot of things to consider. So today’s episode is a very valuable resource for all of you.

Another helpful resource and tool is the new The LogTechies Job Board.

LogTechies is the first hand-curated job board for the field of Logistics Technology.

That’s were, Boris Felgendreher, founder and host of The Logistics Tribe and other logistics podcasts, posts the coolest logtech jobs at those companies that he currently finds the most interesting.

Right now, the board features really cool logtech jobs at Sennder, Flaschenpost, Fernride, TradeLink, Noyes Technologies. And there are many more to come. You can find the LOGTECHIES Job Board at


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