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What Google is up to in Supply Chain, Logistics and Manufacturing (Hans Thalbauer, Google Cloud)

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Today we will take a look at what Google, in particular Google Cloud, is up to when it comes to Logistics and Supply Chain Management. Google Cloud has been active in this space for a couple of years now and it’s starting to become clear now why it may actually be a great match.

Our guest today is Hans Thalbauer who has a rich history in Supply Chain tech, and is now the Managing Director of Google Cloud’s Supply Chain and Manufacturing capabilities.

Together with our host Marco Prüglmeier, Hans covers the following topics:

  • Hans’ path from Austria to Silicon Valley

  • What prompted Google to enter the field of Supply Chain?

  • Google's Supply Chain Twin

  • The different data segments that can be leveraged for Supply Chain Management: Private segment (e.g. ERP data), community Segment (e.g. orders, tracking data), public data segment (e.g. weather, traffic, health data)

  • Google's Supply Chain Pulse

  • How Artificial Intelligence can be applied to SC data

  • Why Google is not creating applications, but is partnering with SCM solution providers instead

  • How to make it easier for companies to connect and exchange data: EDI, API, Google’s Data Warehouse (BigQuery), even GMail.

  • Google’s flexible Data Model

  • Last-Mile Solutions

  • Google Cloud Fleet Routing

  • An example of how weather and climate data can be combined with agricultural satellite data to predict impacts harvests

  • Dynamic ETAs for truck transports leveraging real-time Google Maps data

  • Sustainability KPIs and Scope 3 data

  • How to measure the impacts of your sustainability efforts.

  • On a 10-year time frame: What does the future of supply chain and logistics operations look like?

  • Hans’ prediction of the “post outsourcing” world

  • and much more


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