How to leverage Social Media, build your Personal Brand and advance your Career in Logistics and SCM (Radu Palamariu)

Show notes

Radu Palamariu is a leading headhunter for global logistics and supply chain management talent at Alcott Global in Singapore. In this episode of The Logistics Tribe Podcast, our host Boris Felgendreher talks to Radu about the following topics:

  • Global hiring and executive search in logistics and supply chain during a global pandemic

  • Alcott Global’s foray into digital events, conferences and content for the global supply chain and logistics ecosystem

  • Radu’s “Leaders in Logistics and Supply Chain Management” podcast is quite popular among logistic and supply chain execs. What’s the strategy? How do people get on to the show?

  • Why people in logistics and supply chain management are mostly operating "behind the scenes" instead of communicating with the world about the contribution they are making, especially during these times of crisis

  • How to encourage more people to step up and engage in more "story telling" about what's going on behind the scenes in global supply chains

  • The importance of building your personal brand to benefit your organization and to advance your own career as a newbie and as a seasoned C-level executive

  • The example of a young female talent in the logistics space who excels at the "valuable content contribution" game

  • Tips, tricks and hacks to master the LinkedIn game

  • and much more

Link to Alcott Global's upcoming digital conference on the topic of Covid-19 vaccine logistics and distribution:

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