Is Shippeo's Transportation Process Automation the Future of Transportation Visibility? (Anand Medepalli, CPO, Shippeo)

Show notes

Countless attempts have been made in the last decade to leverage cutting edge technology to give companies the transportation and supply chain visibility that they need to anticipate disruptions, proactively manage risks and boost supply chain resilience.

Literally hundreds of millions of funding has been poured into tech stacks that promised to finally deliver the visibility and control that every globally operating company is craving for.

Yet, the end result of all these efforts has been quite sobering, to say the least.

So our host Boris Felgendreher invited a representative from one of the key players in the real-time-transportation visibility space onto the show to discuss what’s going on.

The guest is Anand Medepalli, the Chief Product Officer of Shippeo. Shippeo is based in Paris, France and is considered a global leader in real-time multimodal transportation visibility, helping major shippers and logistics service providers to operate more resilient, sustainable, and customer-centric supply chains.

The company just launched an ambitious new offering that it calls Transportation Process Automation. It’s already used by Renault, a long-time key customer of Shippeo’s and is supported by an interesting group of launch partners such as Google Cloud, E2Open and 4Flow.

Enough reason for us to take a close look under the hood to explore if what Shippeo is building here is indeed the Future of Transportation Visibility.


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