How Technology-Enabled Trucking Can Benefit Companies And Drivers Alike (Mark Farkas, Co-Founder, AI Fleet)

Show notes

In today's episode we explore the possibility to increase truck driver satisfaction and boost truck utilization with better planning tools and smarter algorithms.

Our guest today is Mark Farkas, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of AI Fleet, a vertically integrated technology enabled trucking company that was founded in Austin, TX in 2020.

Together with our host Jonah McIntire, Mark discusses the following topics:

  • Mark's background and track record as a successful logistics tech founder

  • What inspired Mark and his co-founder to build AI Fleet

  • What's wrong with the business model of traditional trucking companies and why technology hasn't made more of an impact over the years

  • What the levers to pull are to make trucking more profitable

  • What Mark means when he says AI Fleet wants to "humanize trucking"

  • The importance of truck utilization as a metric and how improving truck utilization benefits drivers

  • How "real" the truck driver shortage actually is and whether it can be solved by better truck utilization

  • How truck drivers could benefit financially from a better trucking business model and better technology

  • The growth and growth plans of AI Fleet

  • Comments on the current trucking market conditions in the US

  • Why so many investments in technology and software haven't paid off

  • Views on the truck brokerage space

  • Why it's so hard to profitably scale trucking businesses

  • The path to autonomous trucking

  • and much more

Helpful Links:

AI Fleet:

Mark on Linkedin:

Jonah on LinkedIn:

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