Supply Chain Challenges in the Automotive Industry (Robert Cameron, VDA)

Show notes

Today we are talking about supply chain challenges in the automotive industry. Our guest is Robert Cameron who heads up the production, logistics and aftermarket department at the VDA, the German Automotive Industry Association.

Our host, Marco Prüglmeier, sat down with Robert at the recent Trends in Automotive Logistics (TAL) Conference in Pilsen, Czech Republic and talked about the following topics:

  • Biggest challenges that are facing the automotive industry and automotive supply chains

  • Why electrification of vehicles will dramatically increase the need for semiconductors

  • Why large node size semiconductors are critical for electric vehicles

  • The relevance of the Fit for 55 EU-legislation

  • The European Chips Act

  • The development of Autonomous Driving

  • Interoperability of AMRs and AGVs and the VDA 5050 as an open-source standard

  • The vision and development of VDA 6000

  • The importance of moving from relations management with direct suppliers only to holistically managing the entire supply chain end-to-end

  • Geopolitical factors and the transitions to e-mobility. Selective global sourcing and selective local sourcing.

  • Demographic and workforce developments and the impact on automotive manufacturing and supply chains

  • AI and the impact on the future of automotive manufacturing and supply chains

Helpful Links:

The VDA:

Robert Cameron on LinkedIn:

Marco Prüglmeier on LinkedIn:

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